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J Van Sickle and Company (JVSCo) was started by Jason Van Sickle as a consulting firm focused on the development of advanced analytical tools for real estate research and project planning. Based on that dedication to quantitative business modeling, JVSCo his expanded from research and consulting into development, management, and full service design-build. At the core of all that we do is a dedication to developing and utilizing the tools of analytical analysis applied to strategic project planning. Our overarching goal is to continually decrease risk while increasing the probability of success for every project.


Below is a link to a sample of one of our project planning reports.* This 60 page report was exported / printed from one of our proprietary spreadsheets, which contains 41 tabs and over 5,000 cells of data and calculations. This represents only a sampling of one of our most basic analysis and reporting tools.


*Please note that the numbers in this "sample" report are hypothetical and solely for the purpose of showing content structure and layout. None of the numbers in the report are in any way a claim about, guarantee of, or the financial results of any past, present, or future projects.