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Rural Rental Housing Development

In September 2013 J Van Sickle & Company (JVSCo) announced the launch of its rural rental housing prototype. Based on innovations in design, development, construction, and management, JVSCo has developed one of the first financially feasible models for high quality, market rate / workforce (non income restricted), rural rental housing. Like all JVSCo development models, this new prototype does not require any government subsidies or incentives.

JVSCo's rural rental housing development plan is designed to provide rural communities with nice, new, and well managed apartments. In addition to meeting existing housing needs, our model also works to improve the quality of a community's housing supply. JVSCo understands that better housing options empower communities with the ability to attract (and retain) quality businesses and residents, which is why our model is focused on market rate and not subsidized housing.

For communities that need better low-income housing options, JVSCo has also created a new, nonprofit, low-income housing model that is high quality and highly innovative. For more information on our nonprofit initiative, visit SperoHouse.com.